When I run the test plan in JMeter, it is working fine, but use command line jmeter -n -t <test JMX file> -l <test log file>, the run cannot stop.

The number of thread user is "1" and loop count is "1"

Screenshot of Thread Group dialog

Screenshot of HTTP request dialog

Screenshot of output


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Most probably you're suffering from JMeter issue 6008, the workarounds are in:

  1. Add <boolProp name="LoopController.continue_forever">false</boolProp> to the .jmx script directly
  2. Downgrade to JMeter 5.5
  3. Upgrade to JMeter Nightly build
  4. Wait for next JMeter release 5.6.1 which will contain the fix
  5. Switch to another Thread Group like Open Model Thread Group

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