I have found the following questions regarding statement coverage.

Minimum Test Required for Statement Coverage:

  1. Disc = 0
  2. Order-qty = 0
  3. Read Order-qty
  4. If Order-qty >=20 then
    1. Disc = 0.05
    2. If Order-qty >=100 then
      1. Disc =0.1
    3. End if
  5. End if

In my opinion, we need 2 statement coverage. But the correct answer is 1 statement based on many websites.

I don't understand why only one statement coverage is needed.

  • What statements do you think aren't covered if, for example, Order-qty is 100?
    – jonrsharpe
    Commented Aug 24, 2023 at 9:38

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The reason you only need one statement is in the initial conditions, specifically

Order-qty = 0

With an order quantity of 0 there is only one possible pass through the logic listed: the first if statement, Order-qty >=20 evaluates to false, making the next statement number 5, the End if.

Different starting conditions could potentially require different coverage, but for any value of Order-qty between 0 and 19 inclusive, only one statement is needed.

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