I have configured Jmeter load tests with GitHub actions workflow. Some times we need to cancel/stop the workflow due to errors. I would like to collect the Jmeter raw results. I added below step to get raw results. But after downloading the file jtl results file is empty. How can I get raw results even though of the workflow stopped/cancelled?

  - name: Upload JMeter Raw Results
    if: always()
    uses: actions/upload-artifact@v3
          name: JmeterResults
          path: '**.jtl'

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JMeter doesn't write metrics into .jtl results file in the realtime to avoid high disk IO and race conditions, it keeps them in memory first and then stores to disk in batches.

It might be the case you're cancelling the workflow when the first chunk has not been written yet and hence you get an empty .jtl results file.

If you want to amend this behaviour you can set jmeter.save.saveservice.autoflush property to true

By the way I don't recall if: always() condition, when I touched Github Actions last time I used something like if: ${{ always() }} however it could change since then.

More information:

  • Thank you so much, Dmitri! As usual, the most valuable and the fastest answer from you in #jmeter thread.
    – Peddaswamy
    Commented Aug 23, 2023 at 4:19

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