My scenario is, I am on page 1 and want to move to page 2 on search result page.

I want to Capture response time or the time taken to navigate from 1 page to 2nd page of search result.

How can I achieve it using Jmeter?

Can anyone help?

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If "moving" from page 1 to to page 2 generates a HTTP Request - the response time for that HTTP Request sampler would be the time you're looking for. Just make sure that JMeter is configured to behave like a real browser in order to get realistic response time.

If "moving" doesn't generate a HTTP Request (i.e. new chunk of results simply becomes visible) - you won't be able to measure this using JMeter built-in components, if you need to measure rendering time you will need to go for a real browser, for example WebDriver Sampler plugin which provides JMeter integration with Selenium browser automation framework.

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