Is there any opensource large dataset of user story mapped to test cases of e-commerce?

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As far as I know, I've never seen any dataset that maps to a user story. That's part of the job of a QA Engineer/Analyst: to be able to look at the requirements for a user story and understand, even generate, the necessary test data that is needed! Is it time-consuming to do? Yes, but certainly one that is necessary!

While there are a lot of commonalities in types of software, especially in a black-box perspective, the implementation of software (white-box perspective) will be different.

The one thing we don't know from the OP is how they want to use any data.

  • As part of a test automation solution? If so, what is the tech stack in use?
  • To setup user accounts in their test environment?
  • To use in an exploratory/experiential way? (aka "manual testing")

For a test automation solution, especially one that uses JavaScript, I recommend using Faker. Faker has a bunch of test data available, including:

  • Locations - Generate valid looking Addresses, Zip Codes, Street Names, States, and Countries!
  • Time-based Data - Past, present, future, recent, soon... whenever!
  • Localization - Pick a locale to generate realistic looking Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers.
  • Finance - Create stubbed out Account Details, Transactions, and Crypto Addresses.
  • Products - Generate Prices, Product Names, Adjectives, and Descriptions.
  • Hacker Jargon - “Try to reboot the SQL bus, maybe it will bypass the virtual application!”
  • Names - Generate virtual humans with a complete online and offline identity.
  • Numbers - Of course, we can also generate random numbers and strings.

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