just posting the same question posted on Stackoverflow: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/77614973/appium-android-how-to-click-on-spannable-text

I have a screen that contains a TextView, the text view text is composed of a SpannableStringBuilder which in turn appends a URLSpan.

I'd like to write an Appium test to click on that specific URLSpan part of the text .

Searching online has led me to solutions that include tapping on specific coordinates, like this one.

I'm looking for a more reliable solution if possible, I've tried APIs such as AppiumBy.linkText and AppiumBy.partialLinkText but without success.

Also the testing project has the capability UiAutomator2 only. I can imagine that it can be achieved with the Espresso capability as well, but really would like to find a solution with the UiAutomator capability only if possible.

Thank you


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