I have qa.properties and uat.properties file in the project. I have added profiles tag, env tag in properties tag and environment in configuration tag of the maven surefire plugin in the pom.xml file. I have created envProperties.java class to load the properties based on the env value passed from the pom.xml or mvn test -Pqa from command prompt but it is always executing using the deafult value passed in the envProperties.java class.

I have invalidated the caches and loaded the project, executed mvn clean, mvn install but still facing the same issue. How can I handle the issue?



    <!-- Add profiles for other environments as needed -->



public class ConfigurationReader {
    private static Properties properties = new Properties();
    static {
        String env = System.getProperty("env","qa");
        try {
            FileInputStream file = new FileInputStream(env+".properties");

        } catch (IOException e) {
            System.out.println("Properties file not found.");

    public static String getProperty(String keyWord){
        return properties.getProperty(keyWord);


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You still need to pass the argument: You mvn install command doesn't do this.

But you don't need surefire for this.

You can simply run:

mvn install -Denv='qa'


mvn install -Denv='uat'

Then System.getProperty("env") will return the equivalent string you passed.

  • Hello Joao, Can I set the env value in the pom.xml file and run the Cucumber Runner class to execute the tests based specific to the env value? Dec 19, 2023 at 15:51

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