I have recorded the script and run test with 1vuser.Checked the response of the application by using developer tools and the response got in application side and response from the jmeter is same but manually open the Application in the broswer the response getting is after 60seconds but while running the script with 1Vusers, Think Time 5 to 7 seconds and pacing time 5 to 7 seconds getting the response time is 2.400seconds.

Getting same response in application developer tools and jmeter response but while manually accessing in browser response is taking 60 seconds.

How should I explain this to my client.

Could anyone please help me enter image description here enter image description here

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    – Lee Jensen
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Well-behaved JMeter test should produce the same network footprint as the real browser.

So make sure that your JMeter is configured to behave exactly like a real browser in terms of:

  1. Handling embedded resources and cache
  2. Handling AJAX requests
  3. Handling Cookies and other headers
  4. Handling think times

If you compare end-to-end scenario in browser containing 7 requests with JMeter wrap everything into a Transaction Controller and configure it to generate the parent sample and include duration of timers into generated sampler.

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