I struck in one scenario in which i need to download multiple files in local repository using POST API request in robot framework.

I tried below code but not able to resolve the issue.

  ${headers}=  Create Dictionary   Accept=${aster}    Host=api.demosite.com    Connection=keep-alive    Content-Type=${accept}    Accept-Encoding=gzip, deflate, br    User-Agent=${user_agent}
 ${response}=    ExtendedHTTPLibrary.POST On Session    Global    ${resultfiles}    headers=${headers}    json=${demo_body}    stream=${False}
 log    ${response.content}    level=TRACE
 copy files    ${response}    ${EXECDIR}/Logs

When i used above code it gives me some binary stream which i am not able to understand.Something like below:

�9BBi��HI�d(������%E�i� ��M��<�^,;��������:��\�{|�}�k���^��{�<��G�#�����7��!�ou����u��7Q��_j�&gl���Sc�I� P�󸤋�é�lT� �5��1{w�c.>�v�����=����mok�A��r����0�����I��y���9�8� <��1���Lʥ�����q�N��1x0�89�CF���1�'����G8I�q���.G���<�$�Q���͓y�~���G�S��ţ�G���O�[m�(

In postman we have that option to SEND and DOWNLOAD files and through that i am able to download multiple files in zip folder in my local system.

enter image description here My questions are :

  1. How to download multiple files in local system or directory using robot framework through POST API request rather than binary stream ?
  2. How to achieve task through robot code which postman UI is providing through SEND and DOWNLOAD option ?

Below scenario is expected :

  1. Fire POST API request
  2. DOWNLOAD Files through response of POST API
  3. STORE files in local directory.


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