Getting error as 2024-03-06T14:40:10.8848644Z jmeter -g Results.jtl -o htmlReport 2024-03-06T14:40:10.9326661Z ========================== Starting Command Output =========================== 2024-03-06T14:40:10.9654622Z ##[command]"C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe" /D /E:ON /V:OFF /S /C "CALL "D:\a_temp\6ddde4de-8a4f-43bd-873a-a69bbf34b8cd.cmd"" 2024-03-06T14:40:12.6419288Z An error occurred: Cannot read test results file : Results.jtl 2024-03-06T14:40:12.6858284Z errorlevel=1 2024-03-06T14:40:12.6863140Z Press any key to continue . . . 2024-03-06T14:40:12.7701636Z ##[error]Cmd.exe exited with code '1'.

In Azure Pipeline

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

could anyone please help me

enter image description here

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You either need to:

  1. Publish the Result.jtl file in the step where you run the test and download it in the step where you're generating reporting dashboard

  2. Or generate the dashboard just after test execution:

    jmeter -n -t test.jmx -l result.jtl -e -o resultHtml

More information:

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