After test execution is done in NON GUI Mode and in cmd shows as Error % is 66.07% enter image description here

But in JTL file shows as Total 1.68% enter image description here

After Generating html report manually shows same like cmd which is 66.07% enter image description here

Also observed script run with 1 Vusers all the transactions are getting passed with Assertions. With 5Vusers and duration is 10 minutes observed 2 Response Assertions are getting failed randomly and error% is 66.07. when tested with 5Vusers and duration is 15 minutes observed 1 Response assertion is getting failed and error % is 20.

I don't understand why the application is behaving like this.

Don't have access to any Profiling tools to check.

Could anyone please help me here what changes needs to be done

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Let's do some math together:

enter image description here

In the HTML Reporting Dashboard you have

  • 3 requests total

  • 2 requests failed

    2 / 3 * 100 == 66.67

so I think that JMeter calculation is correct.

The question is why you have 3 requests total and not 238. I would recommend

  1. Revisiting JMeter Properties responsible for Reporting Configuration
  2. Your Transaction names and the way you're exporting them for the report.

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