I am using JMeter to do performance testing of a site.

I need to test various links of a site (no need to login) with 100 users and loop it for some number of times. I want to put those links in a CSV file, so that all the links to be tested are read from the file.

How do I accomplish this task using JMeter?

Thanks in advance.


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I'll assume you're just using JMeter as a type of Web Crawler with a fixed set of pages to consume, and you're only measuring response times and http status.

  1. Create a thread group of 100 users
  2. Place a CSV Data Set Config under the thread group
    1. The CSV contains one URL per line
    2. The CSV loads into a parameter named "URL"
  3. A HTTP Sampler is used where the hostname is set to ${URL}
    1. Specify any assertions you need, eg "200" http response
  4. Run it and see how it goes

Heres some pictures of the setup in JMeter using the default samplers and config elements;

  1. Create the threadgroup:

  2. Create the CSV Reader enter image description here

  3. Create the HTTP Sampler enter image description here

  4. Have an assertion checking you get a decent response enter image description here

  5. Optionally record the responses for review

The CSV File i'm using looks like:


You can use Access Log Sampler, it allows to read URL's which are stored in text file.

What you need to do, is:

  1. Grab URL's which you need from site. This can be made with different tools. For Windows I've used Xenu's Link Sleuth, but there are a number of alternatives both for Mac and Linux.
  2. Create new test plan in Jmeter and add Access Log Sampler to Thread Group;
  3. Set up text file with URL's from item 1 as Log file.

Access Log Sampler will take URL's one after another from log file.

More details in guide from our jmeter library

P.S. I'm working for Blazemeter as developer of plugin for Jmeter.

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I think, CSV just like

username, password username1, password1 username2, password2 username3, password3 username4, password4 username5, password5

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You can create a text file with with all the links you want to browse (one link per line). Load the file in JMeter bin Directory (links.txt)

In your JMeter Script you do the following:

1 - Add an HTTP Request Sampler in the path you use /XYZ/${_StringFromFile(links.txt)}

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