I am a pretty fast (>100WPM) typer and I am constantly hitting issues with QTP recognizing my input/keeping up.

Two examples that come immediately to mind:

  • Shift+Space does not actually put in a space.
  • Shift+BkSp undoes my backspace.

Is there ANY way to get QTP 11 to act like a regular program? Shift+Space should still insert a space (just tried this while typing the question) and Shift+BkSp still deletes characters, like it should.

I'm constantly missing spaces during my test scripts (i.e. HELLOWORLD instead of HELLO WORLD) and I'm constantly having to redo my backspaces after a shift+BkSp entry.


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I found a partial solution to your problem.

You can change the Key Bindings with Tools>Options>Key Bindings. Unfortunately, you cannot use the Backspace as new shortcut key, because the interface thinks you want to delete the previous character (try it if you want, I wasn't able to do this in QTP 10). So we have to work around this:

  1. Close QTP
  2. Go to the bin folder of the QTP installation. In my case it was here: C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\QuickTest Professional\bin
  3. Open the QTEditor.ini file Change line Delete before cursor=2097701 to Delete before cursor=2097701,35652133
  4. Change line Undo=35652095,35652133 to Undo=35652095
  5. Save the file
  6. Open QTP, you can now use SHIFT + Backspace to delete a character.

Unfortunately, you cannot enter a shortcut key for forward space.

  • Thanks -- I'll give this a shot. I'm aware of the key bindings option inside QTP but I can never get the options to stick through a restart of the application.
    – Frank
    Feb 5, 2013 at 15:06

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