I am using robot framework. How can I test if a checkbox is selected? I want to run a keyword if a checkbox is selected like:

 ${checked} =   Checkbox Should Not Be Selected  xpath=.//*[@id='0,1,1,6']/td[11]/input
    Run Keyword if  '${checked}'  Click Element  xpath=.//*[@id='0,1,1,6']/td[11]/input  and wait

i.e. to click there if is not already clicked.

(The code of above is wrong, I know)

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Use Run Keyword And Return Status

It runs the given keyword with given arguments and returns the status as a Boolean value. This keyword returns True if the keyword that is executed succeeds and False if it fails. This is useful, for example, in combination with Run Keyword If. If you are interested in the error message or return value, use Run Keyword And Ignore Error instead.


From: Selenium2Library documentation.

Keyword: Checkbox Should Be Selected

Arguments: locator

Documentation: Verifies checkbox identified by locator is selected/checked. Key attributes for checkboxes are id and name. See introduction for details about locating elements.

  • Thanks for answering. As you can see I am using "Checkbox should be selected" in my code (in fact I am using the negation). This command works like an assertion and not a question. When the assertion fails the test stops. I want to ask if the checkbox is checked and not to assert that the checkbox should be checked.
    – Luixv
    Feb 24, 2013 at 7:24
  • As mentioned in the other answer, "trap/wrap" the assertion by calling it via Run Keyword And Return Status which converts the pass/fail into a True/False return flag.
    – MarkHu
    Jun 18, 2020 at 17:16

You can try:

${isCheck} =    Run Keyword And Return Status    Checkbox Should Be Selected   xpath=.//*[@id='0,1,1,6']/td[11]/input

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