I'm writing a UI testing suite for a single page javascript application using Selenium 2 web driver. I'm still experimenting with how to fit the app inside a page object model. At the moment I am considering the use of the Selenium LoadableComponent pattern for various subpages in the application.

The isLoaded() function makes sense since I frequently need to make check certain elements are visible/enabled to determine if the the subpage is correctly loaded. On the other hand I can't really figure out how to make use of the load() method, since a subpage is not directly accessible by a URL, but rather requires navigating through the app. All the examples I have found use URLs to navigate in the load()?

Anyone have experience or design pattern ideas with automated SPA javascript apps? Basically I want to be able to navigate and wait for things to load as cleanly as possible.

More on LoadableComponent: Is Selenium's LoadableComponent a good solution as test design pattern?

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I can tell you what I do in this situation. I have not used the LoadableComponent, however what I have done has followed a similar pattern. I create classes for each of the "loadable components" that are basically page objects. I have something like the IsLoaded function to ensure that the component is loaded, and depending on how it works I either don't implement a Load function at all, or I have the load function go through the clicks to get the component to load. For example, if loading a component simply means clicking on an item in a menu or some other simple action or sequence of actions, I implement the load function. If it requires doing something more complex such as filling out a form first, I usually do not.

In the case where I don't have a Load function, I usually call the IsLoaded functions within other helper functions, so for example if I have a sign up page, I have a function called SignUp that will fill in the form and then call IsLoaded on the page/component that should be loaded next.

  • Yup. Working through it in C#, I ended up with simple IsLoaded() and HasDisappeared() functions using the WebDriverWait Until() to check for elements on the loading or un-loading screen. So I think the pattern make sense, but not necessarily needing the LoadableComponent interface.
    – craastad
    May 17, 2013 at 7:21

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