I have installed selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar, phpUnit, selenium extension for phpUnit.

This test runs ok:

$this->assertEquals('my title',$this->title());

But when I try to use $this->byClassName('sideNav');

I get

Uncaught exception 'BadMethodCallException' with the message 'The command is not recognized by the server.

What can be the reason?


You need to run selenium server before you execute your test cases.

Try following steps:

  1. Open Terminal / CMD.
  2. Navigate to directory where your selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar is stored.

E.g: cd /User/Documents/Selenium

  1. Execute following command to run the server

    java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar

This will start selenium server.

Note: You will require JRE to be installed to run jar files in your machine.


Try the following, it should work:

$this->element($this->using('css selector')->value('*[class="sideNav"]'));

instead of


Here is an example from the tests of the project of how to use this method:

public function testElementsKnowTheirTagName()
    $element = $this->byClassName('theDivClass');
    $this->assertEquals('div', $element->name());

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