I have recently gone through a Test Automation pattern i.e., BeyondPageObjectpattern in Selenium. While going through the code I came across a package WTWebUIAuto. Can anybody give me some info about this package ? I am not able to find any info about this package any where.

Thanks, Praveen.


I actually wrote that library while I was at a company creating automation for them. I had plans to open source it, but unfortunately never was able to and have since moved to a different company. In the presentation I was using the library I created, however you can build your own abstraction layer that does many of the things I talked about as well, or use other existing libraries that provide similar functionality.

I have recently discovered and been using "Geb" which is an abstraction on top of Selenium that does almost everything that was in the WTWebUIAuto library I wrote, and even goes beyond and has some additional functionality that I really like. It requires you to write your code in Groovy, but I would recommend this library. Whoever created it thought nearly identically to me in terms of how they wanted a UI Automation library to function.

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  • Thank you so much Sam... Can you pls suggest me libraries like Geb for C#? Your presentation is too good, I am trying to implement that in my project. – Praveen Sep 13 '13 at 5:36
  • A lot of what I did made Selenium behave more like Microsoft's Coded UI which is available for C# in some of the Visual Studio packages. You might start there. I'm not aware of any other similar libraries specifically for C#, which is why I wrote my own. – Sam Woods Sep 13 '13 at 15:35

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