I have different versions of different programs, that require different sets of files/resources. Knowing a list, I would like to check after the installation of a software, that all the corresponding files are present in some folders. This list would be an XML file, or a .properties or whatever. Checking the file integrity, with a checksum for example, would also be awesome.

Is there an existing tool for that ?

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Simple C# app would help to solve most of the things you have mentioned

  • Read from input XML, file name and the expected path and report results for file existence
  • Same Approach - Read folders / programs that need to be checked for their existence
  • Other custom needs that you have mentioned - file integrity, with a checksum can also be achieved

I would prefer writing these utilities as it is a great way to learn coding / as well customized for your need

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    After a lot of research, it seems to be to best way indeed. I already know how to code, I was just too lazy :) Nov 8, 2013 at 7:19

Most test automation tools can check for the presence of a file within a designated folder.

I use WinTask. It can accomplish that task easily.

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