With different users I need to log to the same page and with every user I need to send same requests which contain some numbers that I have stored in CSV file (001, 002, 003) in every column one number for exmp. I got 3 users in name.surname.a1, name surname.a2, name.surname.a3 Each if them after log in should send requests with id's that came from CSV. Each user sends reqests with same id's So i have:

  • Counter (from 1 to 3) for 3 users
  • Thread group (3 users, loop 1)
  • Login Sampler
  • While controller (condition ${ID})// ID is the CSV variable
    • CSV Data set config (ID variable, Recycle on EOF:true, Stop thread on EOF: true, Sharin mode: All threads)
      • HTTP request with ${ID}

So with this I want for exmp user 1 to send the numbers 0001 0002 and 0003

user 2 to send the number 0001 0002 and 003

I have problem because either user 1 sends only the first number, user 2 only the second one or even though I have stop on EOF true the loop goes infintly

  • Is this a Development question or an SQA question? Nov 27, 2013 at 15:46
  • sorry I forgot to mentioned that this is in JMeter so it's SQA. Edited. Nov 27, 2013 at 16:15

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I suggest you to try a simpler way - 3 users with 3 loops in a thread group. So each user will send all 3 values from CSV file.

Your test will look like:


Try to insert one While Controller into another:

-CSV Data Set Config
-While Loop controller   <-this iterates through users
--CSV Data Set Config
--While Loop Controller  <- this iterates through values for single user 

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