I am looking to get started building a project and want to use CUCUMBER from day one. My Ruby background is Intermediate; however, I do have a good understanding of MVC and the structure within Ruby.

In doing some research for books and tutorials, I am not finding any good resource or tutorial to start.

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Have you seen these? I did a search in google for: "rest testing with ruby"

On the other hand, if you have Ruby skills, then you can write your own library to deal with REST responses or you can use something from RubyGems.


Chapter 12 of The Cucumber Book deals with testing REST Web Services, as well as a wealth of useful advice on getting started with Cucumber in general. The chapter walks through two different approaches. Whether you decide to use the same tools or not, I think the techniques are useful.

The team I work in decided to write our own library, but as SayusiAndo points out, there are a number of gems too for dealing with REST responses.

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