I'm starting the test from command line. Is there any way in which i can produce log file in the same form as the summary report listener from GUI mode ?

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Your question contains the answer.

Just run JMeter in non-GUI mode as per guide.

jmeter -n -t D:\TestScripts\script.jmx -l D:\TestScripts\scriptresults.jtl

After that

  • Open JMeter GUI (you may not choose any test plan at all)
  • Add Summary Report Listener
  • In Filename -> Browse - > D:\TestScripts\scriptresults.jtl

Voila, you now have summary results.

Another option is using a JMeter Cloud Plugin which generates not only summary report, but produces informative and professional-looking graphs which help in load test results analysis and has different test run results comparison feature.

Check sample report if you're interested.


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