I am attempting to run tests on a remote agent by using a test controller that is on the same remote machine. I have set up my TestSettings file as follows:

<RemoteController name="MachineName" />
<Execution location="Remote">
    <AgentRule name="AllAgentsDefaultRole">

When I tell MSTest to execute a selected test in release or debug mode, it successfully builds the project and then returns "Failed to queue test run 'run name': No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it." Visual Studio 2013 has been installed on the controller/agent machine, and the agent, controller, and client can all communicate successfully. Default ports are being used for communication (6901 and 6910), and telnet is able to connect. How do I get the test executing successfully?


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Found the answer. Agents cannot debug remotely, and while the build I was executing against in the above post was "release" (in one instance), I was still attempting to debug. If I select the test and click "Run" instead, it executes successfully on the remote agent.

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