I am very new to this tool. I want to learn about it and have installed the trial version but there is no option to capture an object manually.

How can I capture an object and parameterize the object properties?


In the near future, we are going to implement data-driven testing in TestCafe that will help you resolve your issue.

To identify the object, you can use jQuery and CSS3 selectors.

Disclaimer: I work on the TestCafe team. I'd love to help you learn more about it and to hear any feedback.


As TestCafe doesn't include built-in solution to find out element locators,

You can use the common element identification tools, like Chrome's built-in Developer tools, FireBug for Firefox, or Developer Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

Here's a good article on using them: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/07/25/css-selectors/

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