Suppose user has received around 5 notifications for the same app in Notification center/status bar and user tap any of the notification from notification center/status bar without viewing it then: What should the result be?

  1. User should see the latest notification as an alert when the app opens?
  2. User should see the first notification as an alert when the app opens?
  3. User should see all notifications as alerts when the app opens?
  4. User should see the notification I tapped on as an alert when the app opens?
  5. Any other option?
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Here are few good UX articles on mobile notifications:

And my opinion is:

  • When user taps on specific notification, he expects specific context (some related functionality within an app)

  • When user launches application, then application can show things he has missed
    (all notifications content, e.g. in scrollable list as a some part of a screen)

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