I am a new tester and I am working with JAutomate.

I find it annoying to keep taking new pictures for every new recording you do in the tool and in the end it will also take a lot of memory space. So I wonder if any of you out there has experiences with this tool and maybe has knowledge about how to reuse Imagen of the same objects so that you don´t end up with a zillion pictures of the same Save button for example.

So in short I wish to create some kind of pictures library and be able to connect my scripts with this library so that I can reuse pictures and save memory space.


Did you read the manual? http://jautomate.com/wp-content/uploads/JAutomateManual.pdf

Chapter 11 writes about all kind of libraries, including an image library.

11.3. Image Library Place reusable images in the Image Library. Images in the Image Library can be easily and quickly inserted into any script. Use the Add to Image Library menu option to add new images to the library. You may also copy/paste steps from any script into the Image Library.

I think you are on the right track. You only want one image per button/element in the application. If the style of the application changes you do not want to update a zillion images. Also you don't want to repeat the same combination of steps in a row. Make sure you also use the described steps library for any steps you repeat over and over again.

Since its a commercial product, I would contact support for extra training or pointers about how to use the image library.

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