Is there a way to get a list of opened browser windows using Selenium? I want to use this to count the number of open browsers within a test.

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IWebDriver has the method WindowHandles. The method returns a collection. So you can use the size of the collection to get the number of open windows.

I am not so familiar with C#, but in Java this works: driver.getWindowHandles().size();

In C# this should work: Driver.WindowHandles.Count;

  • The Java example is missing an s. It should be driver.getWindowHandles().size();
    – Dustin N.
    Oct 24, 2018 at 20:26
  • @DustinN. Thank you for pointing this out. I updated my answer.
    – Twaldigas
    Oct 26, 2018 at 12:09

Simple example to count the number of opened windows is go to www.rediff.com you will get atleat 2-opened windows. 1 - rediff.com Home Page. 2 - Ad window.

below is the simple code to count the no of opened wind and get windowhandle code.

        IWebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver("G:\\Selenium_Csharp\\Jar\\chromedriver_win32");

        String originalWindowHandle = driver.CurrentWindowHandle;
        Console.WriteLine("original Window handles are: " + originalWindowHandle);
        Console.WriteLine("Title of original Page:" + driver.Title);

        System.Collections.ObjectModel.ReadOnlyCollection<string> windowHandles = driver.WindowHandles;

        Console.WriteLine("Count the no. of opened windows: "+windowHandles.Count);
        foreach (String window in windowHandles)

For C# - Driver.WindowHandles.Count;

count starts with 1.

You can use condition Driver.WindowHandles.Count=0 to handle any exception related to Browser operation if none of the browser is opened.


Use this below code to find the number of windows gets opened

int i=1;

for (string eachwindow : allwindow)






System.out.println(i); //displays the count of windows gets opened

Use getWindowHandles() method. For example:

Set<String> winHandles = driver.getWindowHandles();

int numberOfWindows = windowHandles.size();

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