I am running my script in java and getting the results in testNG. But in my application after filling up the form I am getting a confirmation alert message. I am able to read that alert message and capture screenshot using selenium but I want to write/include that alert message and screenshot (or its path) in the testNG report.

Is there any way to do that as I am new to testNG


You can use reportNG. Its the reporting plugin for testNG. You can add your message using Reporter.log("Your Message");

If you want to add your alert messages in report and your project is Maven project then add following in pom.xml


Using Reporter.log("Your message"); you can add your messages and can see in Test Output-> index.html ->Reporter Output

For more details http://seleniumeasy.com/testng-tutorials/configuring-reportng-with-testng-to-generate-html-reports

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