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Building "slow to break" regression tests

I need to build a lot of regression tests for our product at work and I plan on using Selenium. I am concerned about building tests that will become quickly outdated and broken based on the fast pace ...
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How should automation maintenance be handled? (Selenium)

How can we maintain Selenium scripts when the application changes? Specifically, how do we define and manage automation to keep it up to date with changes in the application being tested?
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What practices are used to avoid constantly testing the login screen in web driver tests?

Good tests shouldn't shouldn't have duplication and should be concise, however when testing a web application with authentication the test must first get past authentication to perform the desired ...
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Difference Between CSS and XPATH [duplicate]

Difference Between CSS and XPATH ? Which is the best locator in selecting Elements in selenium? If Xpath is the better why? why should we use Xpath instead of CSS? If CSS is the better why? why ...
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What tools work well for automating .NET 4.0 web sites using web forms with dynamic data?

What would be the best solution to accommodate automated testing of web forms with code-behind (.NET 4.0)? Specifically, we need a solution that can automate web form testing and handle dynamic data ...
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Selenium Webdriver - FindElement in scope of WebElement doesn't work

The FindElement() method doesn't seem to work with an XPath locator, if called on an existing WebElement. My code is this: htmlDiv = _driver.FindElement(By.XPath("//h2[text()='" + onvNaam + "']/../.....
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What is Software Test Automation Framework?

I am a beginner Software tester. I have started to learn test automation of web apps using selenium webdriver in java. Till now I can just automate simple login functionality. I want to know all about ...
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Selecting multiple options and deselecting options using Selenium with python

I am trying to open a webpage and select options before submitting the form. The issue I am having is being able to selecting more than one option in the select box. Eventually I want to be able to ...
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Selenium Automation Framework Design Technique

This question is related to how should I approach with creating selenium automation framework. I googled and studied few frameworks. Also, I created my own framework in which I was taking input from ...
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After scrolling the page, xpath of a element is not present

I have requirement that needs to check a div on home page that contains sub images. I am trying like this My Sample Code : module.exports.openurl('', "Online Shopping | Buy Phones, ...
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