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Azure devops test result grouping when using Specflow+ Runner

I am working on a testautomation project using .NET Core 3.1 and Specflow 3.5 using the Specflow+ Runner. I am currently running the testautomation from Azure Devops using the VSTest task (see YAML ...
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How do I make a custom logger for Fluent Assertions?

I'm using NUnit and Fluent Assertions for testing. I'd like to write a custom logger for my test steps which shows which steps have passed and the step (if any) that failed. It looks like someone has ...
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How to execute Playwright .NET tests in Azure pipeline (Linux agent) in headed mode?

As per Playwright .NET documentation, to run tests in Azure Pipelines using headed mode, you need to specify xvfb-run before dotnet test if using a Linux agent. However, in terms of the YAML ...
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