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Acceptance Testing & Scrum - How do you handle bugs that occur during acceptance testing in parallel to ongoing/upcoming sprints?

Details In the ideal Scrum world, no errors occur in shippable code that has been successfully unit-tested; that this is no longer the case in reality, at the latest after a first manual acceptance ...
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Ways to apply Automated/Automation Testing? [closed]

I was tasked with researching 'ways to apply automated testing'. I have never done automated testing. Only manual with test plans written by developers. Not sure where to begin. Anyone have any ...
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Handle errors that occur in Acceptance Testing, in parallel with running and upcoming sprints?

In the ideal scrum world, shippable code, which is successfully unit-tested, does not fail; That in reality, at least after a first manual acceptance test is no longer that way, I think rather ...
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How to move toward Dev Ops in testing from Agile

We are looking to move towards DevOps methodology. Currently, we are using Agile methodologies in testing. We, as a team wants to increase the number of deployments/releases in a year. For this, we ...
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Implementing the Test Pyramid as QA

Recently I have begun building out Unit Testing for my dev team during down time in an attempt to implement the Test Pyramid. My Dev Managers seem rather excited about it and on-board with the idea. ...
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