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Questions tagged [api]

Application Programming Interface : a set of functions and procedures that allow the creation of applications which access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service.

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Design Industrial Process Controller for Testability

We are currently developing a new industrial process controller for applications with very low cycle times (<50us). The embedded software that runs on this controller shall be validated ...
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Laravel codeception api testing test structure

I want to test all my API endpoints with codeception. I started off with a more model-based approach: class UserCest { public function it_can_request_its_own_status (ApiTester $I) { ...
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Some value from Postman test undefined

I need to create tests in Postman for running key values for the AI Conversation app. I have created tests, where I have used the logic below, where I can see all of the values after a test run except ...
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Header isnt being sent when using faraday gem ruby

I am doing an Api automation in Ruby and I am using the Gem Faraday to automate a file upload in my API. I have the follow problem: My Header is not being sent. I just tried all the options and is ...
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Consumer-driven Contract Testing

I've just come across the term consumer-driven contract testing and, working as a QA, was wondering a few things: What does this actually mean in laymans terms? Who would generally execute this type ...
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How to download multiple files in local system using POST API request in robot framework rather than in binary form data

I struck in one scenario in which i need to download multiple files in local repository using POST API request in robot framework. I tried below code but not able to resolve the issue. ${headers}= ...
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API to export cert

Is there any windows api available to export my cert MMC.exe, which exports the .cer files from their certificate store? I'm looking for the API which is compatible with software testing such as ...
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TestNGClassFinder Warning: Can't link and determine methods of class examples.ExamplesTest

Just started with Karate API test sample project and encountered with this issue. My pom.xml <project xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="
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2 answers

Setting up an API Test Framework

I'm testing an API and I'm looking to define my payload using classes so that my program can then deserialize/serialize into any format (namely XML in my case). Below is an example of the payload: ...
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How to get Embed link from Openload API after Remote upload? Selenium & Python

im trying to use Openloads API in python, i can do a remote upload like this: ol_url = driver.current_url resp = ol.remote_upload(ol_url) file_id = resp.get('id') Now i have a file uploaded in ...
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To Cucumber(or other bdd) or not to Cucumber when automating api tests?

I want to know you’re opinion about your experience with Cucumber when automating api tests. Would you recommend it in all cases? I’m dealing with a very complex endpoint(complex request/response) and ...
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How to provide File and some para. to POST API using Python/ C#?

Team, I am trying to provide File and some para. as a input for API. Expecting output based on validation. Even after providing both inputs correctly, I am getting File as null with length 0. Below ...
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