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application software testing is a process through which the functionality, usability, and consistency of the entire application are tested.

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Record UI elements for TestFX

There is an existing JavaFX based application, which I should write automated tests for. I just started to use TestFX(version 4.0.13-alpha) and looking for advice, how to record and identify UI ...
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How to test our application to be compatible with underlying technology changes?

I have a JAVA based web application, where Tomcat is used as web application server and MySQL as Database. How do I test my application if there is any technology updates ? For example, if there is ...
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Creation of Test Cases for Financial Reporting

I have been tasked with creating some test cases related to financial reporting using Microsoft Excel. I have a specific Microsoft Excel template which I have to fill in to create a good file. As in ...
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API to export cert

Is there any windows api available to export my cert MMC.exe, which exports the .cer files from their certificate store? I'm looking for the API which is compatible with software testing such as ...
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I am stuck with null pointer exception in driver

package org.example.driver; import cucumber.api.Scenario; import io.github.bonigarcia.wdm.WebDriverManager; import; import org.openqa.selenium.*; import org.openqa....
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What will be the positive and negative testcases for Q&As tab in product detail page in an ecommerce mobile app?

I am testing an e-commerce mobile app, and on the product detail page there are multiple tabs like: Description, Technical Details, Reviews, Q&As etc. I need to test the Q&A (Question and ...
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I wrote automation code to click on a date from a data picker but its not working

Website : I am trying to automate selecting date of journey on the website above. Nothing I have tried is working. Screenshot of the date selector Code I am using ...
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How to Track Users

How do I track the source of each user signup for B2B SaaS product? In other words, how do I check from which source the user landed on my website? I need to track for each individual user.
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Reducing production failures in case of multiple releases across multiple projects on a daily basis

Currently, I'm handling QA for umpteen number of projects (web and mobile). All these projects have multiple features being rolled out on a daily basis. The number of production bugs increased ...
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