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Questions tagged [artificial-intelligence]

"artificial intelligence" is applied when a machine mimics "cognitive" functions that humans associate with other human minds, such as "learning" and "problem solving".

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6 answers

AI Driven Testing (AI-DT) open source tools

I am new to AI Driven Testing (AI-DT). I've explored few tools like, Is any other open source tools are there to achieve this?
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4 answers

Artificial Intelligence in Quality Assurance

Lately I keep seeing articles about how artificial intelligence will revolutionize how quality assurance is done (one simple example here. There are even online courses online for AI in Software ...
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2 answers

Are there any automation tools which have a feature to first check (as a pre-request) for Internet connection up or down before script execution?

It was accidental but it's a required feature for most of the modern automation tools. Yesterday I made one automation script job on a remote machine and it will be supposed to run on schedule time ...
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How to test and ensure the quality of an Artificial Intelligence system?

In deterministic (software) systems we have a set of business requirements and such a system can be fully defined. Meaning that given enough resources of time and relatively low complexity we can map ...
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Real life limitations of AI based testing tools like mabl,, functionize?

The rate at which AI tools keep coming up feels like they are going to replace Selenium and other conventional automation tools sooner than we think. But, as of now what are the real life practical ...
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Does codeless automation tools work for large test suites?

AI-based codeless automation tools are on the rise. There are plenty of them that even claim to have flexibility and reusability. Are they good enough for large complicated test suites with many ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Machine learning in creating regressions

I am researching what the best techniques are in generating test cases or regression suites using machine learning for black box testing. Has anyone researched previously or able to help?
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Machine Learning usage in performance testing

I'm looking for ML usage in performance testing of a software. mainly Regression testing where we run same tests for every release to ensure there is no degradation. Can I get some guidance around ...
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As a beginner, what whould the approach to go for testing IOT/AI/ML/Deep Learning applications? [closed]

Seeking some primary approach to go for testing of cutting edge technology application.
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Will AI based test automation tools make selenium webdriver obsolete in few years? [closed]

I have a fear that in few years companies will deploy AI based robotic process test automation tools and my java selenium programming skills will become obsolete.
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