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Use for questions involving problems with automated tests. Relevant for designing test automation, debugging test automation, automation tooling questions, and questions about when it is appropriate to automate. Questions regarding specific tools should tag those tools as well.

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Should programmers run automated tests written by QA?

Perhaps programmers have their own unit tests, perhaps as the result of doing Test-Driven Development. They run these tests very often; perhaps every few minutes, but at least a few times each day. ...
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Writing automated tests for System.Web.HttpApplication

I am currently using Moq to write automated tests for System.Web.HttpApplication in C#: public FakeHttpApplication CreateBaseMocks() { MockContext = new Mock<HttpContextBase>(); ...
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12 answers

Building "slow to break" regression tests

I need to build a lot of regression tests for our product at work and I plan on using Selenium. I am concerned about building tests that will become quickly outdated and broken based on the fast pace ...
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Upgrade SilkTest automation scripts to work with IE9

We use SilkTest 2010 Open Agent to perform Automated Web Testing. Our scripts currently work on IE6 - IE8 and on Firefox 3.X. IE9 has changed modal boxes to unintrusive pop-ups at the bottom of ...
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What are some tools for testing Mobile web apps?

I'm thinking along the lines of a Firebug for the iPhone/iPad/Android/BB that can truly give more insight on the markup/scripts. Even when testing on the simulator/device, it's hard to truly simulate ...

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