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Use for questions specific to the test module of Azure Devops. Questions about using Azure Devops to build and run automated tests should use the azure-devops tag, where questions about managing test plans and test cases, or about viewing test results, should use this tag.

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Test Strategy Documents seem obsolete in agile teams. Am I wrong?

Test strategy documents are obsolete? Is Test Strategy document no longer relevant for testing in the 2020s? No one cares what it says, only that it exists to because some people want it. This ...
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In Azure Test Plans, is there a way to view all test documents in one place?

My team uses manual execution with Azure Test Plans test cases. When the manual test execution is complete in the "Execute" tab, they attach the test evidence (screen shots, etc.) in the &...
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2 answers

In Azure Test Plans, how do you Move a Test Case to another Test Suite?

In Microsoft Azure DevOps Test Plans / Test Manager, Test Plan view, how do you Move a Test Case to another Test Suite in the same Test Plan? I am not able to drag and drop the test case to another ...