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Behavior driven development (or BDD) is an agile software development technique that encourages collaboration between developers, QA and non-technical or business participants in a software project.

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How can I make my solution thread safe for testNG parallel execution?

Background: For quite some time I have ran automated tests using forked JVM processes, this proved quite easy when injecting a driver object using spring, I could simply provide the following: @Bean(...
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In a BDD test, should Given set a state and verify it?

Okay, so I'm writing some BDD tests for a REST API using pytest-bdd. Let's suppose I have endpoints A, B, C and D. Normally, when someone uses this API, a request is first done to endpoint A, then if ...
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JQuery Not working after updating NUNIT to 3.7

I have used to find an element using jQuery select0r. This is how am trying to find out the element. var linkDom = new DomElement(DomElementType.JQuerySelector, string.Format("{0} a:icontains(\"{1}\")...
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Outside or within remit - should a BDD scenario be created for this user request

Given the following overarching purpose (mission statement) for an application: In order to help keep a healthy and refreshing sleep regime, or in order to limit computer-related addictive behaviours,...
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Writing behavioural features/scenarios for application with many proccesses and sections

I'm trying to start automation on the web application that I'm currently manually testing. I was suggested to do it using BDD, so I started reseaching about it, and as I started writing my first ...
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BDD Feature Files structure guidelines

Continuing on from BDD Feature Files guidelines Say I have 10 feature files testing user actions 1-10, 1-Fund transferring, 2-Display balance, 3-etc feature files: In 'Fund transferring', login, ...
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How to reset app between tests in WDIO?

I'm currently trying to get WebDriverIO working with Appium and Mocha (BDD) towards an Android device. Previously when I've worked with Mocha the behavior has been that testcases are isolated from ...
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Design of shared Acceptance Tests steps for different test frameworks and languages

We have the following setup: Multiple client applications containing UI E2E tests written in different programming languages (java, c#, swift ...). All those client applications have basically same ...
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How can I store a value as global variable from an API response and pass it to another API as parameter in Cucumber feature file using REST assured

I am designing automation scripts using the Cucumber BDD framework for REST APIs using RestAssured. I have one API which generates the "Token" and then there is another API for order ...
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can we prioritize test scenario in cucumber feature file during execution?

Login.feature Scenario: log in using valid credential Scenario: log in using invalid credential How can i execute second scenario first
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