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Questions tagged [blackbox-testing]

Use for any help regarding Black-box Testing.

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How much functionality should be verified as a part of Regression Testing before release cycle by QA team?

We do end-end Regression testing of the web portal before any Production release cycle but focus of our QA team is mainly on high-level functionality verification of major modules/area of the product/...
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2 answers

Is automation testing Black Box testing or White Box testing?

I came across this question & couldn't find a proper explanation anywhere. Can anyone clear this to me?
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Is Orthogonal Array Testing similar to Design of Experiments?

I am studying software testing and I see this topic, in the past I was studying Six Sigma and I saw Design of Experiments, and these look similar to me.
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Is writing black box tests as part of a bug report practiced anywhere?

Authors of BB tests* concern themselves with behavior instead of with means of achieving it. Customer support too. Why have I never seen a say L2** support operative file a bug with a "...
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