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Boundary value analysis is a software testing technique in which tests are designed to include representatives of boundary values in a range

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Boundary Value Analysis and Equivalence Partitioning For unknown integers

See below program: m1(int x, int y) if (x<0) and (y>0) print("only x is negative") else if (x>0) and (y<0) print("only y is negative") end m1 I ...
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Boundary value analysis - ordered list

I have a question about using the boundary value analysis. I know that elements in partitions should be ordered if we want to use boundary value analysis, but it is a little bit confusing to me that ...
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Boundary Value Analysis - When to use two value or three value?

I had a few questions regarding boundary value analysis, that I was hoping someone could help me with. The first is - when should you assume to use two and three value methods of BVA? Is there any ...
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Is it possible to cover edge cases by using test design techniques

Is it possible to cover edge cases and corner cases by using test design techniques like; boundary value analysis, equivalence class testing... ?
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Finding the correct partitions for testing digits

I have a function that returns: if x=2y is true., x and y are both digits. A sample code is below: public class MyClass { static boolean xDoubleY(int x, int y) { boolean result; int temp; ...
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Domain analysis - equations when multiple variables are involved?

I am reading a book Testing Object oriented systems, and found the following: If a boundary condition uses two or more variables, then on and off points can be found by solving the related ...
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Need help in understanding the below Requirement? [closed]

Identify minimum number of users to test requirement? Below you will find the requirements to identify the Account Diversity Grade of a user. Read the requirements carefully and identify what test ...
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What unusual invalid data inputs that will crash a barcode entry text box on an Android App? [closed]

I am testing an Android App created using Java. I am testing a text box which accepts barcodes with a maximum of 17 characters. I know to test the normal boundary values, nulls, negative data inputs,...
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Boundary Value Testing - Difference between three point and two point values [ISTQB - Adanced Test Analyst]

This question appeared in one of the sample questions in a web site: Q. 105: What is the difference between designing tests with three boundary values per boundary and designing boundary value tests ...
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How does Boundary Value Analysis work?

In a flight reservation system, the number of available seats in each plane model is an input. A plane may have any positive number of available seats, up to the given capacity of the plane. Using ...
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Why does ISTQB say Boundary Value Analysis is a black box technique

Boundary Value Analysis is, according to ISTQB - a black box technique. How can anyone agree with that? Most developers write unit tests following equivalence partitioning and boundary value ...
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