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Bug priority is a way to categorize a bug. In some organizations, it measures the urgency of fixing the bug.

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How to tackle a huge bug backlog?

What is the best approach in dealing with a huge bug backlog? Currently we have a huge bug backlog and i was looking for an efficient way to deal/categorize/ how to manage the backlog?
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What is the difference between bug severity and bug priority?

This is a basic question. Most projects mix both priority and severity into a single value. What reasons are there to separately assign severity and priority to a defect? What do testing methodologies ...
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How bug prioritization works in agile projects vs non agile

When reporting a defect, we are setting the priority and severity of the defect. How this works with agile development? Is there any specific way ? How bug prioritization works in agile projects vs ...
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How to sell a bug?

As Cem Kaner said: The best tester is not the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses the most developers. The best tester is the one who gets the most bugs fixed. Which refers to a ...
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How should I approach bugs that I know will never be solved?

Occasionally I'll find a bug that is so minor, so miniscule, so unimportant that I know it will get buried under all the high priority bugs. The bugs I find in the application are things like "The Tab ...
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In an AGILE work environment, what kind of work should be classified as a bug to be fixed immediately?

We plan 2 week sprints with all tasks and bugs as much as we can. Every once in a while our QA Lead will assign the developers "bugs" mid-sprint for UI inconsistencies or non-emergency (or what he ...
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Pareto Efficiency in Software Testing

I've stumbled upon the Pareto Principle and Pareto Efficiency terms used in different contexts. What does Pareto Efficiency mean in the context of software testing? My understanding is that, it ...
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