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For questions around all the myriad different ways of recording and reporting issues.

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Best guidelines for bug reporting?

Nothing can ruin your day like a poorly-written bug report. I've seen several sets of guidelines for bug reporting in different organizations. In your opinion, what guidelines/steps are most ...
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How should a Software Tester deal with missed Defects/bugs in Production?

I work as a QA/test engineer in a small software company. It is an e-commerce based product. I was assigned a few projects by my manager. I mostly do functional/blackbox testing. Before the production ...
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Should Testers first discuss a bug with the developers before writing a bug report?

In my previous project, whenever the QA team used to find bugs/defects, they used to communicate the problem/issue to the developer sitting next to them, verbally. In this approach, most of the time, ...
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What is common practice for labels of the bug severity?

What is the most common labels for the bug severity: High-Med-Low-etc., A-B-C-etc., 1-2-3-etc. or different? Where they origin? What is the best practice to use?
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What is the difference between bug severity and bug priority?

This is a basic question. Most projects mix both priority and severity into a single value. What reasons are there to separately assign severity and priority to a defect? What do testing methodologies ...
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How do you write a great bug report? [closed]

"Is this going to be a stand-up fight sir, or a bug hunt?" - Hudson I've always wondered what the secrets were to writing a great bug report. Over time I've narrowed down the activity to three ...
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Is it fair to report a bug discovered during code review without performing a test?

I'm QA with some programming experience, so I am able to debug and review the code of the system under test. I also often read the code to understand how to define request or what response should I ...
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How do I deal with poorly documented bugs?

I sometimes come across bugs that do not have enough information to reproduce the bug, or worse, understand what the issue is in the first place. Usually, business analysts, rookie QAs & ...
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How to sell a bug?

As Cem Kaner said: The best tester is not the one who finds the most bugs or who embarrasses the most developers. The best tester is the one who gets the most bugs fixed. Which refers to a ...
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Should a tester feel bad about finding too many defects/bugs in the product?

I work as a junior black box tester in a small software house. I work in a medical industry web application. I was assigned a module to test. I did a lot of research and risk analysis and logged at ...
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What should be reported when a bug only happens 50% of the time?

So, let's say I'm running some tests and run across some odd behavior that is a deviation from expected results, however, I quickly run the test again and the bug is not reproduced. I begin to ...
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What should Testers do if they are not able to find good defects in the product?

I work as manual/black-box tester. My responsibility primarily includes functional testing of a web application and to some extent database testing using sql server, based on the functional ...
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10 answers

What if the software is so buggy it can't really be tested at all?

I know the best bet in this situation is for the testers to go through the process of reporting blocking-type problems initially show up, with the focus being on critical bugs. Since, this type of ...
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Reporting Intermittent Bugs

I am an entry-level tester and been experiencing new things about testing every day which is great. So I am thinking, how do I deal with an intermittent bug since its most likely that developers won't ...
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Does anyone have a good list of steps for reducing a bug?

I recently ran into an almost-consistently reproducible bug that I was trying to reduce. At the time, I was tired and simply couldn't think of what to do next after about an hour of work (this bug ...
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Should QA or tester mention the root cause for a bug?

QA closes bugs where I work. In most cases, bugs are closed without mentioning any details about the root cause. The only info given is one of the options in our bug tracker, such as "code", "test ...
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How do we deal with occasional (but real) application failures

Background: In our UAT testing environment, there have been a few intermittent bugs that come and go. I am not a permanent employee here, my current contract will finish early August. What I have ...
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WebDriver API: 'Failed to send keys because cannot focus element' -- better workaround than using Firefox instead of Chrome?

There's a bug in the chromedriver.exe Chrome driver for Selenium's WebDriver API. You can't use send_keys for certain types of inputs, like for the jQuery plugin "EZPZ Hint". It works okay on simple ...
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How to categorize defects?

Many project managers and other non-tester roles search for proper categorization according to severity (A-B-C) of the defects and they search for description how to distinguish between each category. ...
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How do we create a "Test Incident" Report?

Incident: Any event occurring that requires investigation. Defect: Any flaw in a component/system that can cause a component/system to fail to perform its required functionality. How is a Test ...
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What should be a ideal Bug Post? [duplicate]

In my career, I have used a variety of issue tracking systems to post bugs. I have written a small article on what should be present ideally in a bug post (
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