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Bug severity is a way to categorize a bug. In some organizations, it measures the degree to which a bug damages a system.

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MCQ on Bug Testing

A bug was found in the product that the test cases did not highlight. As a QA Engineer, what would you do? Update the test script to cover that issue Use your product knowledge to update the test ...
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What is your approach to low-priority bugs?

What is your team's approach with those bugs that you open and report with the absolute certainty that there will never be time in the future to fix them? Do you think it is better to keep them ...
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priority in software testing [closed]

If there is some misspelled or mistake in copywrite information then will that be of high priority and low severity or some other would be answer for this ?
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Priority and severity

If the 9 key is pressed 10 times in a mobile phone, then phone reboots. What would the priority and severity be? I answered "low priority, high severity." Would the answer be "high ...
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What is "normal" severity in Allure reporter?

Sorry English is not my first language. From what I read, defect severity is defined in 4 level in general. Critical S1 Major S2 Low S3 Trivial S4 Allure reporter defines severity in 5 level. ...
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What are valid bugs

I have been working in testing for almost 4 years and had never had to ask this question because I worked in highly commercial and critical products. Whatever bugs I raised were marked as “to be ...
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How bug prioritization works in agile projects vs non agile

When reporting a defect, we are setting the priority and severity of the defect. How this works with agile development? Is there any specific way ? How bug prioritization works in agile projects vs ...
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How to convince the developer a bug exists but is not reproducible?

Let's say I have discovered a bug in mobile application, which I am not able to replicate (i.e., the bug only occurred once) - how can I convince the developer that the bug does exist, so that it can ...
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please give me example of the following Priority and Severity of bug? [closed]

in my interview i was asked there is a login page in which the forget password button is not working what will be Severity and Priority and then he told me what if the Submit button not working ...
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What do we consider the defect severity in the case: "Edit window is not opening" [closed]

I have a requirement which say: The user should be able to view the employee information. The user can edit/Add or delete information.I followed the following scenario: I Clicked on an employee name ...
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Is asking about "The most interesting bug in your career" a good interview question?

We've been interviewing for quite some time and I've been asking candidates: What is the most interesting bug you've found in your career? Either the most interesting, or the one they are proud of ...
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Can we consider the work stoppage of a sub function as critical issue?

I'm testing a tool i.e. Draw tool. The tool enables the user to draw on a map using the available graphics and to export drawing from local disk. The user is able to draw, but export drawing sub ...
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Pareto Efficiency in Software Testing

I've stumbled upon the Pareto Principle and Pareto Efficiency terms used in different contexts. What does Pareto Efficiency mean in the context of software testing? My understanding is that, it ...
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Most famous concurrency bugs?

Following What is the most famous computer bug of all time?, what are the most famous concurrency-related bugs? "Famous" means that the issue enjoyed coverage in mass media. Embarassingly costly ...
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Can a performance issue be defined as blocking bug?

I am the QA Manager of my organization. We have a performance issue, where a process takes 6X times rather then X. I defined the issue as blocking since there is no workaround on eliminating the ...
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how to calculate the percentage for different bug severity rating for black-box testing

I am performing Black-Box testing and I know for certain that different severity has a different rating. So what I'm asking here is that how do I calculate the percentage of the bugs found for that ...
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How to tackle a huge bug backlog?

What is the best approach in dealing with a huge bug backlog? Currently we have a huge bug backlog and i was looking for an efficient way to deal/categorize/ how to manage the backlog?
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Should you close old bugs?

If you find more bugs than you fix, then what should you do with the ever expanding bug queue? The queue can grow for several reasons: The bug is deemed too low priority to be worth fixing The bug ...
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What is the difference between bug severity and bug priority?

This is a basic question. Most projects mix both priority and severity into a single value. What reasons are there to separately assign severity and priority to a defect? What do testing methodologies ...
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What is common practice for labels of the bug severity?

What is the most common labels for the bug severity: High-Med-Low-etc., A-B-C-etc., 1-2-3-etc. or different? Where they origin? What is the best practice to use?
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How to categorize defects?

Many project managers and other non-tester roles search for proper categorization according to severity (A-B-C) of the defects and they search for description how to distinguish between each category. ...
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