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Use this tag for questions about code (to be) compiled with a C++ compiler. C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It was originally designed as an extension to C, and keeps a similar syntax, but is now a completely different language.

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How to implement fuzz testing for a GCC C++ project

I want to implement continuous integrated fuzz testing for my c++ project, but I have to use GCC due to a dependency. I know there is fuzz testing for LLVM (libFuzzer). Is there something similar for ...
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Unit Testing and Integration Testing with Robot and Cucumber

I understand that both frameworks are great for acceptance testing but how hard or more complex is writing lower level tests such as integration tests or unit tests using the mentioned frameworks when ...
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How to test code, that depends on file system errors?

I am developing a lib for a Linux project that stores files using boost::serialization. Because the files might be very large (1-50 GiB) and the program might fail writing them at some point (we are ...
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