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What is Snapshot Testing?

I've recently stumbled upon this new (at least to me) testing type: Snapshot Testing: For Facebook's native apps we use a system called “snapshot testing”: a snapshot test system that renders UI ...
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How to create input data for unit tests for an API client?

I am building the initial set of unit tests for my team's legacy API client system. We have been writing integration tests, but have no unit tests. It's a Sinatra server that accepts requests from our ...
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Libraries and tools for Characterization/Golden Master Testing

I really like Characterization/Golden Master Testing, but I'm only aware of the ApprovalTests library. I wonder if there're more libraries and tools that embrace the paradigm. I'm looking for ...
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Using snapshot tool to simply the assertion - data snapshot testing

I started using a nice NuGet package for doing integration tests - and received feedback such as : it's not entirely fair to use the system under test response ...
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Are Characterization (Golden Master/Snapshot) tests supposed to be human readable?

I am trying to write characterization tests, in order to quickly put a legacy system to a test harness. I was not able to find many examples with production code. The examples I find are small ...
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