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Will implementing Agile generally improve code quality?

I am writing up a white paper to introduce Agile. As my role is a QA engineer working for a consultancy company. We want customers to hire us to train them in implementing Agile and we DO want our ...
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When writing automation, is programming required? If so, at what level?

I'm planning to make STQA as my career option. I don't like programming at all however I'm good in manual testing and I have knowledge of understanding code(I do write code sometimes) But in the long ...
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7 answers

Detecting tests that will never fail

We have a rather big test codebase (~1500 test cases) for a Python/Django application. From time to time we stumble upon existing tests that will never fail: tests with missing assertions tests that ...
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How to perform static code analysis?

I am working as QA.I want to test the static code analysis of my project. How to get start this ? Can you suggest a good tool to perform static code analysis ? My project is running in php, python, ...
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3 votes
2 answers

How to make the case for code quality in a SAFe environment

SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework for Enterprise. Basically take the agile approach and also have 2 week sprints making up 12 week iterations with planning events once a quarter. Context is a company ...
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I want to know working of sonarqube

I install both SonarQube and sonar-runner. And I want to know how to start working. My project uses PHP language. So I want to check the code analysis of my project. But how to get started working? ...
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2 votes
2 answers

How to improve the code quality mindset?

Having Code Review and Pull Requests (for both application and automation code) is great... but in some cases I am seeing a lot of rubber-stamping approvals leading to low quality code. These share ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How to plan selenium automation of webapplication when more than 1 person is involved

We are automating a web application, 3 people are involved using different machines and using bit bucket for code can we split the work and where to start from? As we may need to reuse ...
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2 answers

How to handle Javascript dropdown menu in Selenium?

I'm trying to select a drop&down menu, select an option but I can't do it and I don't know how The code is: <div class="jqx-menu-popup jqx-menu-popup jqx-menu-popup-officeWFM2" style="border: ...
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Expecting Null equal to 'Some Value' in Protractor

I enter the value with this code: var FirstName = element('firstName')); FirstName.clear().sendKeys('RM'); The code updates the profile of the user correctly. Now I am trying to read ...
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How many test cases can I run if I'm using domain testing?

I'd like to understand what is domain testing, and how do we use it to calculate coverage (if possible)? My question is imagine I have 3 loops in series and I'm using domain testing approach how many ...
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ISTQB question: Statement Coverage and Decision Coverage

I'm interested and studying statement and decision coverage. What type of problem will be found with 100% decision coverage that would be missed by 100% statement coverage? A. A problem that ...
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How to do unit test of 16 digit Generated Random number [closed]

Here i'm facing one problem that i have to do unit testing of 16 Digits of Generated Random( 9872 5432 8765 0987, 9852 7412 6587 2365.........n) number so these Random Number are generated from Sql ...
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