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Codeception PHP Testing Framework is designed to work just out of the box. This means its installation requires minimal steps and no external dependencies preinstalled (except PHP, of course). Only one configuration step should be taken and you are ready to test your web application from an eye of actual user.

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Codeception: test data in annotation - codeception reports undefined variable

I've tried to use this style: My example test case is this: /** * @example { "groupid": "16789507", "...
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Laravel codeception api testing test structure

I want to test all my API endpoints with codeception. I started off with a more model-based approach: class UserCest { public function it_can_request_its_own_status (ApiTester $I) { ...
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How to verify no /tr /td rows exist in a table?

I am verifying text using these Xpaths, $I->CanSeeElement("//tbody[contains(tr/td/div/table/tbody/tr/td[1]/text(),$this->Secondarycustomer)]"); $I->CanSeeElement("//tbody[contains(...
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