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Questions tagged [communication]

Transfer of Information : The act of conveying intended meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs and semiotic rules.

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Are there local testers communities? [closed]

For example, "Australia's testers community", or something familiar? For any location you can think of. I feel I need to know and speak to more of "my people" :)
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How to respond to requests to retest, in hope that the bug is gone?

We sometimes get requests from developers to re-run a failing test on the latest build, since "we did a lot of changes" and they hope the bug is gone. On one hand, one can claim that they should ...
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Communication vs. Technical skills ,how to choose in a given hiring QA position?

Context: As been involved in QA hiring positions from last couple of years in different companies, I have been seeing the trend as QA is getting more and more technical.Now it is reaching to a point ...
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Test automation statistics [closed]

Does anyone have statistics about test automation? In the last World Quality Report (October 2017) I read those ones: 48% of companies (>1000 employees) suffer from too much reliance on manual ...
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Should Software Testers say that functionality is "working fine" or should they say that "it seems/appears to working fine or looks good"?

As a blackbox tester, while giving my testing status to the management, i usually refrain from saying that a particular feature, enhancement of defect is "working fine" and say that it seems/appear to ...
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What should be a tester's reaction when any person from business team find a bug?

I work with a business team where no one has been a developer or has studied software engineering. I have been working on their Android App as a QA for the past few months, and I have realized that ...
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What are the signs of an understaffed QA team?

What are the typical signs and signals of a Quality Assurance team being understaffed? How would you justify/explain a request for a new addition to a team? A little bit of background: We currently ...
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Who needs to receive test documentation?

Besides my manager who do I need to distribute test documentation to? E.g. master test plan and master test report. Do I need to send the product owner/business representative, who is unfamiliar ...
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What is normal communication when a developer moves a ticket to Ready for Test?

I have had a bit of ongoing debate and discussion with the developers on my team about the amount of information expected when a developer completes work on a ticket and passes it to QA. We are an ...
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How to provide feedback when a feature is not ready for release?

I've been having quite rough time at work recently. I found the functionality that we have been delivering was not ready for release: too many bugs and we were not able to get feedback about the ...
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