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Questions related to evaluation of the application's compatibility with the computing environment.

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1 answer

How to test our application to be compatible with underlying technology changes?

I have a JAVA based web application, where Tomcat is used as web application server and MySQL as Database. How do I test my application if there is any technology updates ? For example, if there is ...
2 votes
1 answer

Backwards compaitbilty between software versions

This is more of a theoretical question. Can we assume that two versions of software are backward compatible if all intermediate versions are backward compatible? In the diagram, assume that 1.1 is ...
1 vote
1 answer

Cross browser testing and assuming its support

Given I have tested my browser in latest chrome, how can I assume the from which version of browser my website is supported with? For example Given I tested website in chrome 69 latest, is there any ...
6 votes
3 answers

Get older versions of Internet Explorer

How can I get installer for older IE version? For testing, I often need particular version and have found compatibility mode to not be good. Where is some nice directory of every version? Extra ...
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How to specify mobile devices web-app to be tested for in the Requirements?

It's easy to specify the requirements for web-applications used on laptops (max-min screen width, set of browsers, set of OS) e.g.: screen from 1280 x 802 to 1600 x 992px liquid layout, and static ...