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Questions tagged [configuration-testing]

The process of testing to determine the portability of a software product.

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How to fetch latest commits in only specific project/folder in Git repository using eGit eclipse plugin?

I have a Git repository and have created multiple projects under that repo. Now, I have all those projects under an Eclipse workspace. The issue is that when I fetch latest commits from origin, it ...
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How are you testing configuration changes?

I am curious if folks are testing configuration changes in applications. For example, I have a Spring Boot app that pulls its configurations from a local properties file at build time and from Spring ...
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How to organise test cases for configurable application

With multiple clients I’m stuck how to document different varieties: Take for example cancellation: one client has cancellation period x another y third one does not have cancellation option. ...
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What should a QA in software be worried about when a small configuration deployment is being pushed without testing?

In my limited experience, configuration changes (small 1-3 line changes to a project config file), either completely break the program or do not seem to bring noticeable changes to the user-experience....
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How can I distribute tests for environments with different configurations?

I'm currently working in a software house and we need to assure quality in different configurations. Some example of these configurations are: Browser - B1, B2, B3 or B4 Operative System ...
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How to downgrade browser versions other than Internet Explorer?

I am looking for a way to downgrade Chrome/Mozilla/Opera. Other than switching between different developer channels, I am not aware of a way to downgrade to a previous stable version of Chrome. ...
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