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Questions tagged [coverage]

Coverage measures the amount of testing done of a certain type. It is always in relation to some kind of measure, for example: statement coverage, branch coverage, etc. (Not restricted to code coverage).

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How to get Code coverage via external rest assured API automation using jacoco?

I have a multi module application "Project A". This application is hosted in clustered app nodes using tomcat as web server. We are using Spring, Web Services as primary among many other technologies ...
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Code Coverage using Scala Automation Testing for JS web application

I'm looking if there's an existing application or tool that will run code coverage based on a scala implemented automation suite running against a Javascript web application. Our automation framework ...
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Cobertura analysis reporting "[ERROR] SLF4J: Class path contains multiple SLF4J bindings."

Cobertura is reporting that there are multiple SLF4J bindings in the classpath, actually both related to different versions of the logback-classic artifact: [ERROR] SLF4J: Class path contains ...
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Understanding identified prime paths in the prime path coverage example given

I'm trying to understand this example in paper Code coverage and test automation. Please refer to the figure. Why is (n3, n4, n1, n3) a prime path, while (n3, n4, n1, n2) is not?
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tool recommendation to get line coverage against Manual and Automated test cases (offline instrumentation)

Our team uses the traditional method of building new test cases based on the feature requirements and testing them (manually or through automation) and getting them reviewed by the dev and product ...
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Application coverage calculation using Jira

I would like to know how in agile mode, you manage to get a coverage rate of your functional requirements through your tests? Especially when using Jira. We have US, which contain CA (acceptance ...
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