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Questions about using, an open source tool for testing anything that runs in a browser.

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How can I measure the coverage of my E2E tests?

I'm looking for a way to measure the coverage of my end-to-end tests. I have some existing E2E tests already and I'm adding more test scenarios to it. But I would like to have a way to quantify the ...
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Cypress vs Protractor for end-to-end testing

I've recently stumbled upon a modern end-to-end testing framework called Cypress which is going to be released in public beta this year. It really looks awesome at the first glance - there are ...
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Accessing element within a frame, nested within tables in Cypress

I've written two custom functions to allow Cypress to access a frame and select a menu item from this code: <frame name="leftFrame" scrolling="YES" noresize="" src=...
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